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Elegant Decor® is one of the most trusted interior & exterior brand, offers its widest range of Zebra window blinds. Elegant Decor® is manufacturer of plain to designer zebra blinds. The basic operation involves a beaded chain, when pulled, fabric rolls neatly onto the roller tube. Accumulating the fabric in one single linear tube unlike curtains which hang on to the sides of window. Owing to this they are safe & are best suited in houses or offices. Zebra blinds can also be motorized & operated either by switch or by touch of remote.
With Elegant® zebra blinds gives you options to control the amount of sunlight coming through your window. Ulternating pattern of zebra strips makes it possible control light in aesthetic mannner. The harsh sunlight coming through your windows can actually fade away the upholstery. The control over sunlight also decreases the heat entering the room and reduces discomfort in summer months. The installation of Elegant® zebra blinds too is extremely simple & hassle free. Further Zebra blinds having varient as : - Translucent Zebra Blinds, Blackout Zebra Blinds.